A Personality Boost And Groom For Your Space!

LED lighting and LED light fixtures have taken the world of modern daylighting to a different level with their extended lifespan, efficient energy consumption and the feature of being very low maintenance. The purchase of indoor LED lights is continuously on the rise because everybody is realizing the technological features as well as aesthetical features which LED light provides especially in the case of outdoor LED lights. Here are some of the key benefits of using LED light fixtures instead of traditional lights.


Energy Efficiency

LED light fixtures almost use 50% less electricity compared to the conventional fluorescent, halogen or incandescent options which results in a substantial energy saving. Unlike conventional bulbs, LED bulbs light in a specific direction and this directional lighting capacity helps to reduce the wastage of light and energy.


Extended Life

LED light fixtures never really burn out or fail but instead, they slowly start dimming over time. The expected lifespan of LED lights are from 30000 to 50000 hours or even longer, which beats the traditional lighting system on a hundred percent level. This longer operational life can health introduction of labor cost in replacing bulbs and achieve low maintenance lighting system.


Cold temperature operation

Unlike the conventional fluorescent lamps, LED lights to perform better in colder temperature and do not require a higher voltage to start. This is why it becomes a natural fit for refrigeration display cases, cold storage spaces, and places like parking lots and all such cold places.



Without any kind of glass enclosures of filaments, LED light fixtures provides a breakthrough in resistance and are largely immune to vibrations and other impacts. LED lights are generally mounted on a circuit board that is not vulnerable to exterior impacts and can be used in a wide array of applications.


Jaquar Lighting in India delivers the best LED light fixtures for indoor LED lights as well as outdoor LED lights. This wide range of LED collection comes in a wide range of style that can match up to any interior and be aesthetically pleasing.

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